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 Paul's birthday cookies
Yesterday was Paul's birthday (one of the Claude's roomates - the one who takes showers at 3 a:m).
To celebrate, José baked some cookies. But not just some random cookies! He made Paul's favorites, the Sarah Kramer cookies:
Half chewy, half crunchy, with coconut and huuuuuuuge chocolate chunks, they are THE Ultimate Perfect Cookies.
José can be proud.

You can do the same at home, just let Sarah show you how here .
Happy birthday Paul !

The new bedroom

During their time off, the Claude have reorganized the bedroom.
It is so big, there was too much of unused space, so the doudous turned it into a studio!

Yue Min-Jun found a nice frame to laugh out loud.

We hace created a special "bed" corner.

The scary little mask watches over the bathrobes...

...and Samuel watches over the dresses.

On the other side, there is like a "lounge".

There are staples: chestnut spread, vegan chocolate spread...

We left the working area as it was!

Ready to go back to work!

Maynard James Keenan presents...
Four new doudous:

There is Edmond, who can do the splits...
...François (Fanfoune for short)...
...Milos, very comfortable in society...
...and José, who seems quite insensitive to the incredible voice of M.J.K. ...

  And to quote Maynard, So good to see you ... guys!

Freaks and Geeks
Do you know it?

Before they moved to Berlin, the Claude were not huge fans of series. A bit of Lost, a bit of Prison Break, a lot of Friends, but all of this is a bit old!
As a matter of fact, Freeks and Geeks is even older (1999-2000), but the Claude have just started to watch it, after having heard of it for years... Of course, they fell in love.
American teenagers in the early 80's, a very Donnie Darko look, the handsome James Franco and Jason Segel, a song from Joan Jett for the theme... it was enough to attract the troop!

And their favourite character is of course Bill Haverchuck, brilliantly performed by Martin Starr...

A bit of Nick Andopolis-Jason Segel never hurts:

Don't worry, the Claude still work!

Surprise !!!
This morning, there was a surprise waiting for the Claude...

No... Can't believe it... Seriously? How is it possible? Is it a joke?

No, poor things. It's nothing but the truth.


  The Claude have hesitated between several reactions: laughing, crying, screaming, ignoring it... But despair was stronger.

Snow.. Snow everywhere!! I can't take it anymore! It has to stop!! It's a nightmare, will it never come to an end?!!

Kasper took the backpack out: "I don't care! I'm going back to France!"

Yup, we are going to need a lot of courage (and several liters of Chaï Latte, a lot of Flight of the Conchords episodes and some home made popcorn) to keep up until REAL spring...

Here comes the sun
Could it be true? Should we believe it? Would our eyes be cheated by some spell?

Yet it is real, the weather is NICE !!
The sun deigns to show, snow has melted, sky is blue, it is warm! No, for the last part, it's just a joke.
Even the cars are back!

Wouhou, party on! The doudous are super excited!!
  The Claude are almost moved! Since the time it was expected... Never ending snow, it was getting seriously depressing!
Antonin, Jim and Hubert allow themselves to dream... "We could go on the roof to enjoy the sun!"... "We could go to the parc for a picnic!"... "I'm gonna wear shorts."... "Let's go for a walk in Neukölln?"... "We can go for a drink in a bar!"...

Well, well, calm down, guys, it is still very cold, and remember, last time it was that nice, it lasted some days, and then the snow fell over again...

Sorry to break up your dreams.

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right

The Birthday

Today, it's Héloïse's birthday !!!

The Claude have prepared a beautiful birthday banana!

Happy Birthday Héloïse!!!


You will blow out candles, won't you?

The Relic

Look what the Claude found in an old notebook!
It is the original sketch that was used to make the first Claude ever, Claude The First!
That was four years ago, Julie was born, and Claude has been made in the rush of finding a present for the baby.

  He came out a bit different from this drawing, without boots or mouth, without hair or fingers, but Julie liked him, and that is what's most important.


That doesn't help feeling younger, poor things! And it feels a bit nostalgic...
It also makes us want to say Thank you to Julie and to her parents, Catherine and Sébastien, without who the Claude would probably not exist! 

All the Claude who have seen the day for four years send you a soft little thought!


Dean, Philippe, Lars, Hubert and Julius have joined the official website and are waiting to be adopted!
So, good people, if you have the heart...

Red and white

The new tabs are here!

The old ones didn't have the little "®" logo, so now that Claude-sans-coeur is a trademark, we had to remedy this!

Hop! In the tab box!

Badass or what?

  The Claude can't go with bare bottocks!
Hooray for our new fancy tabs!!




The new ones



Once again, four new Claude have seen the light!
 Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you...

Philippe, Hubert, Dean and Lars
Welcome, guys!



The joke of the snow


  Yes, this morning, when they woke up, the Claude thought "What the hell is it all about?", seeing all this snow...
Some days ago, it was sunny, it was (almost) warm, we believed that spring was coming!
But no, Berlin is never short of surprises, and the snow started to fall again. Like almost everywhere in Europe, poor things...

Rigaer Straße became snow white again. Snow. "Snow white". Got it? Haha.

"Which one is my car?" aked Allen, thinking that he could fool us because of the snow. We know he doesn't have one.

Hopefully, the Claude have their eight meters long scarf, so they can feel warm all together!

Collective heating

Spring, we are waiting for you...

The Wall


  The Claude like to populate the walls.
Make friends from the walls of the room is always pleasant. You can meet new people who do different thing. 
And it brightens the room.

For example, Jim was entitled to a little private concert of Maynard James Keenan on the edge of the radiator.
And Antonin made Takeshi KItano laugh by telling the joke of the spoon.

That's all for today!



The room

Little by little, the studio takes colours, objects go back to their place, we feel more like home in our berliner bedroom.
The jewels ans the fancy boxes went on the shelf

Etienne Daho pouts in front of the cd's

Brushes have returned to their pots

The Little Mole who wanted to know who did it on his head found his place too

The sansula got out of its box

We also found our books
The sewing machine is back in service

Home sweet home!

















Avenue du 6 juin

  The Claude make use of their great popularity to make someone's advertising:
Avenue du 6 juin is a blog with, in it, some illustrations, "daily drawings", children's books projects, photographs and maybe more things we wouldn't dare to imagine!

Here, if you like Berlin, vegan cooking, children's books, Tool and the Foo Fighters, peppers, the beginning of the spring, Ye Rin-Mok's photographies, Iceland, Mark-Oliver Everett's bad mood, walks in the forest, some of Takeshi Kitano's movies, sugar free green tea, remembering your youth while listening to Blink 182, Paris, Walter Van Beirendonk, the Holy Trinity (Quentin Blake - Anthony Browne - Maurice Sendak), Friends, the too rare books of Richard Brautigan, the silence of the snow, Glen Baxter's humor and mainly if Terry Jones is your favourite Monty Python, this blog is for you.

Josef's birthday

Last sunday was Josef's birthday, a friend from the old flatshare of the Claude. It's Noé who became Josef's doudou, and he also met Kurt there, who is Ursula's doudou (Ursula still living in the old flatshare, get it?).
The two Claude were very happy to meet. 
Left: Noé, right: Kurt, not very concentrated on the picture as somebody is making bubbles behind him! So much more interesting.

Kurt and Noé ate cake, drank kid's Champagne and threw confettis, it was wild!
Noé showed his contortionist skills.
Kurt sat peacefully on the couch, full belly, drowsing a bit...
And somebody who drank too much of kid's Champagne tried to take a picture.
Alles gute zum Geburtstag Josef!



La Dolce Vita

Some have a sweet life...
Yesterday, we got some news from Gilbert and Colin, who had been adopted by Edith. You can say they are quite lucky, because:
1) Edith lives in Bordeaux.
2) Edith loves good wine.
3) Edith loves good food.

And life at Edith's seem to fit pretty well to the two friends!

Ain't life sweet...

We're tired of the german beer, we dream of an escape in Bordeaux to enjoy a good bottle of red wine with Edith, Gilbert and Colin...

Coming Soon + L.A. Boobs
Last week, the Claude went once again in Schokoladen to see Toby Goodshank.
This time, he was with his sulking-friend-whom-name-we-forgot, whith who he plays in the band L.A. Boobs. That was nice!
The surprise came from the band who played after: Coming Soon, frenchies who - you have to admit it - rock it! Without expecting it, the Claude have been subjugated by the band and harshly wanted to shake their booty!

The funniest part was that the Claude had already met this guy in a restaurant in Paris, last year. They could remember his face because he looks a lot like Daniel Brühl!
It's a small world.

Allelujah !!

We had almost lost hope! The Claude's stuffs FINALLY arrived in Berlin !!!
Until now, the bedroom was almost completely empty, but it then got packed with all kinds of boxes, tables and bags...

...and after. Look at this mess!

First step: empty the boxes, arrange, organise, decorate, built a bed.
Second step: work in a proper atelier, have confortable sleeps, watch movies, invite friends, dance little sister.

  Thanks to Barbara and Eric in France.
Thanks to Ursula, Michi, Line, Lailo, Paul and Micha in Berlin.

Drumroll for the four new Claude! 



Handsome, eh?





Ok, here's the thing: this morning, the Claude have discovered The Best Vegan Brunch in Berlin. Really!
With their friends Ursi, Judith, Michi and Barbara, they have made a pig of themselves. I mean, when you have an all-you-can-eat buffet full of this:

Salami, egg salad, haggis (all vegan!), oyster mushroom salad, peppers salad...

Sweet potatoes lasagna, scrambled tofu, BBQ mock meat...

Fruit salad and soya yoghurt

Insane pancakes with Rote Grütze

Makes you want to cry?
Kasper didn't really understood what was happening to him neither:

You can understand why...

Kopps, Linienstraße 94, 10115 Berlin





Today is sunday, and the Claude are proud to show you their first Photonovella!



Rookie Style
Yes! New Claude have seen the light!

Above: Marcel, Octave, Allen and Roland
Below: Clément, Noé, Delmar and Kasper

Allen and Clément are no longer alone to fool around work!




Marvin from Oran

Last week, Marvin has been adopted by Grandpa and Granny.
He sure is lucky, because Grandpa and Granny come from Oran, in Algeria, and Granny treated him right away with sweets from there. 

Sugar bread, Mouna, Sabbat bread... You can't eat all of it, Marvin!
Marvin, it's gonna be Purim soon, will you send us some cakes?

Yue Minjun
You know, ever since the Claude have moved in Berlin, they don't really feel home. Lemme explain: the doudous left Paris with only two backpacks and a suitcase, taking only what they really needed to make new Claude. Even if they now have their own room, most of their stuffs remain in France, and their big room seems pretty empty! A matress on the floor, big white walls, a little working table... The other stuffs will be here soon but meanwhile, it is a bit impersonal!

So, in order to remedy this, Allen has decided to brighten at least one of the walls by hanging a poster. And not just some random poster!

The Claude have been to the Yue Minjun exhibition of the Fondaction Cartier during their holidays in France and they only have three words to say: Run for it!
Anyway, this beautiful poster make the room much more cheerful!

"When you're smilin'....keep on smilin'
The whole world smiles with you
And when you're laughin'....keep on laughin'
The sun comes shinin' through"



Raw Compote

Let's keep on talking about food - as it's the best way to stay in a good mood under the snow. Let me tell ya, Berlin's winter is harsh!

The Claude are vegan, and there is a blog that they really like: it's Absofruitly! It's full of sweet things and delicious stuffs, and we regularly try Déborah's recipes. These last days, we had a big crush on the Raw Compote. Simply mixed fruits, keeping all the vitamins, taste and colour: the Claude say YES! You can use whatever fruit you want and change the recipe every day, isn't it wonderful?
This morning, Allen tries the persimmon-mango-apple compote, with pomegranate to make it pretty.

"It looks so nice, I don't want to eat it"
Thanks Déborah for your great recipe!
Breakfast party on!

The ladybug

We have a pet ladybug in our bathroom!
It's always standing on the windowsill, and it's good company when you go to the toilets.

It's been a month since the ladybug is here! The Claude have tried to let the window open, in case it would leave, but it stays! It probably feels good here...

Leave it alone, Clément, it does'nt want to come on your hand...

Anyway, we are always happy to go to the bathroom, knowing that we will meet our ladybug!

Ok, Clément, we've got it...


Last week, Allen and Clément have been to a concert they really liked. Their friend Maria had proposed to go, showing this video:

You bet they said yes! "He reminds me of Elliott Smith", said Clément. "I didn't expect such a low-pitched voice!", said Allen.
It was in Schokoladen , an old squat turned into a club, that friends met. It a small room filled with red light, people sitting on the floor, they first listened to the Canadian from Man meets bear playing like crazy guitar or piano. Then Toby arrived, and everybody fell in love.
That was a great concert!

Specs Joe
This week, Antoine had an apointment with the ophtalmologist. Results: he's myopic as a mole! (Well, no, a mole is actually blind)
Therefore, we had to go to the optician to choose a pair of glasses. It wasn't easy, because we first had to convince Antoine to wear some! Yup, he felt quite despondent... He couldn't resolve to become "bespectacled"!

Come on Antoine, stop sulking, it fits you well!

"It feels so weird..."

Aaaah, see! Glasses are finally not so bad!

Tell him that he's gorgeous!

Back on tracks

Here we are! After one month spent in France, the Claude are back in Berlin!
Well, "the Claude"... Only two came back! Out of eight doudous, six were adopted, and only Allen and Clément still remain!
Life will smoothly go on in the atelier, and new doudous will see the light.
Down to work, guys! 

We said "Down to work" ...


Bye-bye Berlin

It's holidays! The Claude Team have packed up the red suitcase, filled up with Rote Grütze and tonight, they take the night train to Paris!! 
The doudous will spend three weeks in France, see family and friends, the sea in Normandy, the atelier in Troyes ans parties in Paris!

It's gonna be great!See you soon Berlin...




Breakfast at Claude's

  This morning, Pascal and Clément decided to have breakfast together.
There is a beautiful morning light in the kitchen, and a couch to wake up gently.
Pascal cooked mushrooms with garlic and basil, Clément squeezed some grapefruits, with pumpernickel and a cup of "Glücks Tee", the week end started well!

Colin and Gilbert

Edith had two old shirts she didn't wear anymore but which she liked. She sent them to us and HOP! Colin and Gilbert were born! 

Gilbert and Colin

Colin took care of Gilbert, because Gilbert is a bit shy. Don't worry Gilbert, the Claude have never bitten anyone! Neither did Edith, by the way.
At least, I think..?

Jim and Lukas

Some weeks ago, the Claude received a package from Geoffrey.
Their heart soared a bit while discovering the content of it:

"Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer" is one the most famous children's book in Germany.
It has been a "precious ally" for Geoffrey, who has also learnt german. Now, it is like passing the torch. Like the Invisibility Cloak which relays from a generation to another, the book of Jim & Lukas relays from an expatriate to another!

Thank you Geoffrey! The Claude are looking forward to master Nietzsche's language to be able to read this beautiful book - the are sure they will like it...

New Room 

Done!! The Claude have found their room in Berlin!
After having squatted Ursula's bedroom for more than one month, the doudous have finally found a flat where they will have full space to work!

It is big, luminous, and it is located in one the best streets of Berlin (according to the Claude)!! There are also three very nice roomates (who already love the Claude of course).
For now, it is a bit empty, but soon the Claude will bring the whole content of their atelier in this room, and then, it will be great!

Allen has immediately thought of the essential: hanging photos of a mom and a dad above the desk.

Clément spends hours by the window, above the heat, watching the street...

Of course, Pascal had to swagger on the chandelier...

We finally have a big bed!

There is also a huge shelf were one can play, hide, talk...

No doubt: here is good!

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